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Project Showcase: Trunk Travel

Steve Williams, the founder of Trunk Travel, first contacted DIGITAL BASE  in early 2019 to help with some changes he wanted to implement.

The Trunk Travel team were looking at completely changing their business' direction, introducing B2B tour solutions, and were after an agency to manage all aspects of their brand and marketing.

The DIGITAL BASE team created a digital marketing campaign that started with SEO, industry link recognition and article placement. At the same time, work started on a new site design and a subtle change in branding. The site has now been completed and pushed live.

Go and check out the Trunk Travel site to learn more about their exciting eco-friendly tours and holidays.



A good digital presence is integral to your success. But it only takes a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential clients before they click that mouse and move on. At DIGITAL BASE, we offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services and provide you with strategic, technical and creative execution across all digital platforms. With over ten years of experience, our dynamic and innovative team of digital marketing professionals can help you develop solutions to build your brand, run a Google AdWords campaign, SEO or social media marketing strategy.


From customised website design and development to digital marketing, our mission is to help you communicate effectively with your clients online. From conceptualisation to delivery, we are committed to building your long-term success.


DIGITAL BASE is a marketing, development & design agency in Bangkok, Thailand offering everything you need to create consistent, coordinated user experiences across all digital channels. Our integrated strategy, design and development services launch brands, websites, and digital marketing campaigns to the next level of success.

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